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Are you a visual learner? If  you are, we got you covered! Molecular hydrogen or hydrogen infused water can be somewhat difficult concepts to get your head wrapped around. This is one of the primary reasons we created H2Minutes. These videos will unpack many aspects of hydrogen therapy (hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen water benefits, etc, etc) as well as surrounding sciences and/or topics. We update this page often as we are always creating new H2Minutes videos (hydrogen videos)! So, it’s our pleasure to help you WATCH, LEARN, and ENJOY! 


Find out the Top 3 reasons WHY you should want to incorporate Hydrogen Gas into your daily life!

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H2Minutes is our FREE educational series on molecular hydrogen, it’s biomedical research, and the misconceptions that surround it. We created these videos to be a service to all parties in the therapeutic hydrogen industry, consumers, companies, manufacturers, and researchers. We desire for these videos to remain free to the public and the ability to produce these videos for a long time to come. However, we cannot make that goal a reality without everyone’s help! We have produced more than 90 hydrogen videos in 6 years with minimal help and have accomplished much. Imagine what we could do with everyone’s support! We will be able to get this message to the masses, with an even better quality of videos. So we ask if H2Minutes has impacted you please consider becoming a Patron via our Patreon account or making a one-time financial donation to our platform. If you are a hydrogen company please contact us as we have some unique ways that H2Minutes can be of service to you and you to H2Minutes.

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Hydrogen's Health Potential for COVID-19

Our company via H2Minutes recently released a video on H2 therapy vs COVID-19. This video is the most comprehensive review in video format on hydrogen and COVID-19 in the WORLD. The video contains video clips, images, and 90+ quotes from 25+ scientific sources. We summarize the majority of the scientific literature on hydrogen and COVID-19 and show 10 different ways how H2 may benefit COVID-19. The video is over 48 minutes and includes clips of world authorities discussing hydrogen’s potential.

The video is rentable and only costs $5.00 to gain access to the full video for a week.  If you are interested in this topic and know others that are, this is a must WATCH!

H2 Series:

Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: Meet H2

Episode 3: What is Hydrogen?

Episode 4: What is H2?

Episode 5: How Small is H2?

Episode 6: The History of H2

Episode 12: Best Antioxidant in the World?

Episode 13: Gene Expression: the Smart Molecule

Episode 14: The Secret Benefit of FIBER

Episode 19: More ENERGY with Molecular Hydrogen

Episode 20: Understanding Hydrogen Water

Episode 23: Benefits of H2 for Athletes

Episode 35: Benefits of Hydrogen for Pregnancy

Episode 39: H2 vs Inflammation

Episode 37: Is Hydrogen Water Safe?

Episode 40: H2 vs Allergies

Episode 38: How Much Hydrogen Is In Your Water?

Episode 41: Hydrogen Inhalation

Episode 46: Is Hydrogen an IMMUNE SYSTEM Booster??

Episode 39: Hydrogen for BRAIN injuries and damage

Episode 52: Hydrogen Water vs. Hydrogen Inhalation

Episode 55: DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR WATER IONIZER! (Watch this video first!)

Episode 58: Overview - 60+ Health Benefits of HYDROGEN

Episode 47: Hydrogen for ANTI-AGING?

Episode 50: Hydrogen for Brain Disorders

Episode 53: The Truth About Ionized water

Episode 56: Misconceptions about the OTHER waters from ionizers (strong alkaline and strong acid waters)

Episode 60: How SMALL is Molecular Hydrogen? 2.0 - Ep 60

Episode 48: Hydrogen for the BRAIN

Episode 51: Hydrogen for COGNITIVE FUNCTION

Episode 54: The PROBLEM with Alkaline Water IONIZERS

Episode 57: Our H2Minutes Story! How did we get here?

Top 10 Cause of Death Series:

Episode 24: Intro

Episode 25: Heart Disease vs. H2

Episode 26: Cancer vs. H2

Episode 27: COPD vs. H2

Episode 28: Accidents vs. H2

Episode 29: Stroke vs. H2

Episode 30: Alzheimer's vs. H2

Episode 31: Diabetes vs. H2

Episode 32:
Influenza & Pneumonia vs. H2

Episode 33: Kidney Disease vs. H2

SNIPPET: Overdose

Episode 34: Mental Illness vs. H2

SNIPPET: Obesity

SNIPPET: Prevent Heart Disease

SNIPPET: Dementia

Misconception Series:

Episode 7: Don't Be pHooled (pH)

Episode 8: Alkaline Terms

Episode 9: Otto Warburg

Episode 10: Alkaline Body

Episode 11: Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Episode 21: Hydrogen Water Misconceptions

Episode 36: ORP

Episode 42: microclustering

Episode 56: Misconceptions about the OTHER waters from ionizers (strong alkaline and strong acid waters)

research:UPDATE Series:

No. 1: Alkaline-electrolyzed and hydrogen-rich water, fatty liver disease

No. 2: Improved Prognosis In Patients With Advanced Colorectal Cancer

No. 3: SLEEP APNEA and resulting cardiac dysfunction and kidney injury

No. 4: Gallbladder Cancer Case Report



No. 7: Part 3 info on COVID-19 and Hydrogen (H2, molecular hydrogen)

No. 8: Hydrogen benefits for HEALTHY PEOPLE

No. 9: Hydrogen for Cervical Cancer

the goods Series:

#1: Important research study on stroke and hydrogen vs pharmaceutical drug

#2: Rheumatoid Arthritis vs Hydrogen Water: awesome pilot study!

Question & Answer:

Q&A: Can Hydrogen Cause Detox?

Q&A: Can Hydrogen Help You Lose Weight?

Q&A: Is Hydrogen A Powerful Anti-Oxidant?

Q&A: Is Molecular Hydrogen the same as Active Hydrogen?

Q&A: What is the most important thing to look for in an H2 product?

Q&A: Is Hydrogen Better then Alkaline Water?

Q&A: How long does hydrogen remain in water?

Q&A: Does Hydrogen Help With Acid Reflux?

Q&A: What is Tywon's Personal Hydrogen Protocol?

Q&A: How long does hydrogen stay in the body? September?

Q&A: Will hydrogen water change the pH of my body?

Q&A: How often should I breathe hydrogen?

Q&A: Can hydrogen help with the negative effects of OVEREATING?

Q&A: What is the minimum ppm of H2 needed to be therapeutic?

Q&A: Is it best to drink hydrogen water on a full or empty stomach?

H2Minutes Interviews:

How did you learn of H2's benefits? PART 1: (Jerry Ho from H2Rich)

What makes H2's health benefits so exciting? PART 2: (Jerry Ho from H2Rich)

How can make sure you receive hydrogen's benefits? PART 3 (Jerry Ho from H2Rich)

Hydrogen Testimony - Meet Carrie! - (chronic pain, brittle bone disease, asthma, allergies,)

H2Minutes VLOG:

September 2021 PATREON Vlog - Preview!

October Vlog PREVIEW (Patreon Perk)

How can make sure you receive hydrogen's benefits? PART 3 (Jerry Ho from H2Rich)

How did you learn of H2's benefits? PART 1: (Jerry Ho from H2Rich)

What makes H2's health benefits so exciting? PART 2: (Jerry Ho from H2Rich)

How can make sure you receive hydrogen's benefits? PART 3 (Jerry Ho from H2Rich)


Episode 17: Drink more WATER!

Episode 18: How to Research

Episode 22: pH Water Test

Episode 43: Testing with H2Blue!

Episode 43: Testing with H2Blue!

Episode 45: Tywon's Sports Testimony

Episode 43: Testing with H2Blue!

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Episode 43: Testing with H2Blue!

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Episode 45: Tywon's Sports Testimony


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