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Hydrogen Water

Pre-packaged H2 Water Cans
$ 90
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Dr. Perricone hydrogen water

Level 1 H2 water

H2HUBB Tested mg/L Concentration
1.50 mg/L For more info view H2HUBB report
Dr. Perricone Hydrogen Water

Smooth, refreshing, great tasting H2 water is now as easy as popping a top! Featured in ELLE Magazine!

Ingested H2 milligram rating:



If you are looking for hydrogen water to accompany your busy, fast-paced life, look no further! Pre-package H2 water is not always the best option to choose for consuming hydrogen-rich water. Dr. Perricone hydrogen water, on the other hand, is a GREAT choice in our opinion for three reasons. It has great dissolved hydrogen concentration, high quality packaging, and a long shelf-life. We really love the fact that it has a two-year shelf-life. If you’re looking at purchasing pre-packaged hydrogen-rich water Dr. Perricone hydrogen water is a great choice for you.

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For the past 30 years, Dr. Nicholas Perricone has conducted extensive research in supporting the body’s healthy functioning to reduce the appearance of the signs of aging. Nothing has excited him more than the discovery of the efficacy of hydrogen water in supporting healthy aging. When ingested on a daily basis, this tiny molecule is transformational, and Dr. Perricone believes that it marks a revolutionary milestone in total health and well-being.


  • 4 Pack: 8.3 oz cans: $12.00
  • 30 Pack: 8.3 oz cans: $90
Go to the Dr. Perricone hydrogen water website to buy your H2 water today!

Go to the Dr. Perricone hydrogen water website to buy your H2 water today!

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