The history of H2 as a medical gas


Hydrogen Discovered

Hydrogen was accidentally discovered by Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus. He was doing an experiment involving acid and metal and observed a mysterious flammable gas as a byproduct.


flammable air

Henry Cavendish, a British philosopher, and scientist, officially distinguished hydrogen as a flammable air that forms water upon combustion.


water forming

Antoine Lavoisier, often referred to as the modern father of chemistry, first used the word “hydrogene” to describe the gas. The word derives from the greek word for “hydro” meaning water, and “gene” meaning forming of creating. Essentially, hydrogen means “water-forming”.


in the news

First publication mentioning hydrogen gas having medical properties.


hydrogen as medicine

The Annals of Surgery recorded one of the very first publications that linked hydrogen to medicine. It referenced Dr. Nicolas Senn, who at the time was using H2 for intestinal applications.

diving deep

Swedish engineer, Arne Zetterstrom, used hydrogen gas for the first time for deep sea diving.


safety first

The U.S. Navy began using a hydrogen gas mixture called Hydreliox, and noticed that it helped to ameliorate decompression sickness and they were also able to dive deeper while breathing it. They used it at very high concentrations, as high as 98.87% H2, with 1.26% O2 at 19.1 ATM, all with minimal to no cytotoxic effects. Because of this, we can know that the safety profile of using H2 is extremely high.

just a glimpse

The University of Baylor and Texas A&M departments of chemistry and biology published a formidable study in the Journal of Science on the potential of molecular hydrogen in medicine.


new fame

Article published in the prestigious journal, Nature Medicine, about how H2 works to selectively reduce the hydroxyl radical. Up until this time there were only about 50 publications on Hydrogen gas.


test reagent

The company MiZ (MiZ Company, Kanagawa, Japan) developed the worlds first hydrogen-rich water test reagent to accurately and conveniently determine the dissolved hydrogen concentration of water.


U.S. authority established

Molecular Hydrogen Institute is a science-based nonprofit focused on advancing the research, education, and awareness of hydrogen as medical gas.


fda approved

Hydrogen-rich water is approved by the FDA as a GRAS grade supplement. The approval level is up to 2.14% by volume which is equivalent to 1.8 mg/L (ppm)/ 2L or 3.2 mg of H2.

H2 in hospitals

Hydrogen inhalation is approved as an advanced medical treatment for Post-Cardiac Arrest Syndrome (PCAS) by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to perform a 3 year long 360 patient human clinical trial involving 15 hospitals and/or institutions.


official scientific standards

“International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA) is an international organization focused on determining the standards for measuring hydrogen gas, and establishing guidelines for its therapeutic use.”


Third-Party Recommendations

H2HUBB is a trusted hydrogen educational company that is a hub for all things H2, including trusted third-party H2 product recommendations.

Third-party Laboratory testing

H2 Analytics is a “US-based H2 company using advanced gas chromatography, H2 Analytics provides performance testing and certification for products that produce water containing molecular hydrogen gas (H2).”

growing industry

The biomedical research and therapeutic hydrogen industry is growing rapidly worldwide. Currently, there are more than 2000 scientific studies and publications on molecular hydrogen as a medical gas, with more than 170 human clinical studies and many more underway. Furthermore, the worldwide therapeutic hydrogen market is estimated to be more than 22 billion dollars and growing. At this rate, the US therapeutic hydrogen market is bound to seek an influx in the therapeutic molecule and its corresponding products.

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