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There is plenty to learn when it comes to approaching hydrogen therapy (hydrogen water, hydrogen inhalation, etc), its scientific research, its many administrative methods, the therapeutic hydrogen industry, and hydrogen products. However,  this doesn’t have to be a boring experience or endless hours of reading research articles. We at H2HUBB write hydrogen blog articles that will address all these topics and more. Answering the pressing questions that surround hydrogen therapy and/or the therapeutic hydrogen industry. We hope our blog articles will help clear up the confusion,  stifle, and skepticism, demonstrating molecular hydrogen’s immense therapeutic potential and promise for everyone!
How to make hydrogen water

How to Make Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is growing in popularity around the world and in the US, due to its promising medical research [1] and many companies and/or proponents

ORP, ionized water

Answering Questions About ORP

I have been asked many times over, “What is ORP?” and “Why is it important for hydrogen-rich water?” Well, for starters, ORP stands for Oxidation

What is Kangen Water?

There has been much confusion and misinformation about Kangen Water over the years. So much that 17 years after the company Enagic founded its first

The Bridge: Companies/Market

The therapeutic hydrogen industry is small, new, and complicated. I’m trying to simplify it some by breaking down the industry into 5 key groups. We

cover photo of blog post (hydrogen water, hydrogen gas, hydrogen products)

The Bridge: Manufacturers/Products

Now that you know how we (H2Hubb/H2Minutes) can be a bridge for the science and research piece of the hydrogen industry, let’s move on to the next

the science of hydrogen

The Bridge: Science/Research

In my last article, I made my case for why H2Hubb and H2Minutes strive to be the BRIDGE between the entire H2 industry. The therapeutic

The Ideal Hydrogen Water System

Over the past year, I have been addressing this question: “What is the ideal hydrogen water system?” a ton via email with clients and it

Hydrogen Water Technologies

The excitement surrounding molecular hydrogen/hydrogen water and its medical/scientific research is full-blown in Asia (Japan, Korea, China). Since in 2010, the hydrogen industry (relating to

What Is Hydrogen-Rich Water?

Hydrogen-Rich Water is a new buzzword floating around the health and wellness community. It can be confusing at first because it begs the question; isn’t

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