Hydrogen gas dissolved into water is measured in Parts Per Million (PPM), which is also equivalent to milligrams per liter of water (mg/L). PPM of hydrogen is becoming increasingly more popular as the therapeutic hydrogen industry grows, the awareness of molecular hydrogen increases, and research into it’s therapeutic properties grows. Many hydrogen and/or hydrogen water companies are starting to use the measurement of PPM to market their H2 products to the public without necessarily teaching what PPM means or conveying its importance regarding hydrogen water. PPM is a measurement of density (milligrams per liter) and in terms of H2 “dosage” is an irrelevant number unless the volume of water is also considered. PPM serves as a tool to help all of us know how much hydrogen (absolute milligrams) is in a specific volume of water. It is important to know the dissolved hydrogen concentration (mg/L or PPM) of your hydrogen water to ensure that you will ingest enough hydrogen to induce therapeutic benefits. MHI (Molecular Hydrogen Institute) has suggested that 1~3 milligrams of hydrogen per day is therapeutic to the human body. This means anyone consuming hydrogen-rich water should be striving to ingest the target amount of hydrogen (1~3 mgs of H2 or more) per day. The first step in this process to know how much hydrogen (milligrams) you have in your water. At H2 HUBB, it is our goal to simplify all of this information for you. This calculator page will allow you to easily calculate how much hydrogen (milligrams) is actually in your water! It will also allow you to enter the measured DH (dissolved hydrogen concentration aka PPMs) and the specific volume of water it was measured in. By entering both the H2 density and the water volume, you can then calculate how much total hydrogen (in milligrams) is in your water, and how much H2 you will ingest if you drink the entire volume. These calculators should serve as useful tools for helping you to determine your H2 milligrams when drinking a specific volume, and which hydrogen water devices are best at providing the daily milligram target of H2.

How many milligrams of H2 did I drink?

Calculates your PPMs into milligrams.

Convert ounces to liters

Use this handy tool to convert the ounces of water into liters to use in the above calculator.

How much H2 Water do I need to drink a day?

Calculates the liters of H2 water needed to achieve desired H2 milligram target.

H2 Inhalation milliliter/min Output Conversion.

Calculates your inhalation ml/min H2 output into milligrams/min (@ SATP).


H2Blue is an accurate, simple, and economical tool for measuring dissolved molecular hydrogen in your water. H2Blue is a test reagent that is manufactured and distributed by H2 Sciences Inc., a US corporation located in Henderson, NV. As stated in the above section, it is critical to know how much hydrogen you’re ingesting daily and how well your H2 device is performing. This tool will help you determine the concentration dissolved mg/L (ppm) of your hydrogen-infused water. H2Blue has a bit of a learning curve but with practice this tool is a must have for every hydrogen water drinker. (You also need it to use these calculators!)
For a more in-depth analysis about PPM and mg/L, check this page from H2 Sciences Inc.

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