Number 1 tool for measuring the dissolved hydrogen concentration in your hydrogen water!



H2Blue is the number one tool in our toolbox. It is the easiest and most convenient way of testing for dissolved H2 available. We love it not only because it helps us in our business, but it is also a way consumers can make sure their product is efficient at producing hydrogen. We love the honesty it brings to the hydrogen market!


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H2 Sciences Inc., a US corporation located in Henderson, NV, manufactures and distributes the H2Blue hydrogen test reagent, a simple and reliable method for measuring the dissolved hydrogen concentration in hydrogen-infused water. H2 Sciences Inc. also offers engineering, sales, and marketing consulting services to hydrogen water companies. These services include: performance evaluation/certification of hydrogen water devices; training for distributors and service representatives; writing/verifying the technical content contained on websites, marketing brochures and product technical manuals.



10 ml bottle: $24.95

30 ml bottle: $64.95

H2Blue Demo Kit: 31.95

Contact H2Sciences Inc. for inquiries concerning whole sale pricing or to become a distributor of H2Blue.


Go to the H2Sciences Inc. website to buy your H2Blue reagent today!

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