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Hydrogen-Rich Beverages

Pre-Packaged H2 Cans
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Level 1 H2 water

H2Analytics Tested mg/L Concentration
2.16 mg/L For more info view H2Analytics report

Get your H2 fix, complete with other nutrients, and available in multiple flavors! A new and fun way to intake H2!

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H2Bev is arguably the most therapeutic prepackaged hydrogen water product on the market! We love the fact that the product is high quality and has a great shelf-life. H2Bev has not only delivered quality but actually has preliminary scientific data demonstrating that their product has therapeutic potential. We also like that they offer an assortment of molecular hydrogen infused flavors and teas. If you're look for an easy and effective product that's great on the taste buds, H2Bev is the way to go!


H2Bev’s HydroShot is a highly therapeutic beverage containing Molecular Hydrogen (H2) and Citrulline, a Nitric Oxide (NO·) producing agent. This product appears to have therapeutic potential for those who contracted COVID-19. Review the scientific article on the product below.

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H2 Beverage Inc.

Company Mission: 

H2Bev is a US  company pioneering “Ready to Drink” hydrogen rich water. The company offer 4 different flavors of beverages and 3 different flavors of tea infused with 2-4 mg/L (ppm) of molecular hydrogen. H2Bev offers these drinks at a cost effective price comparable to other pre-packaged H2 water’s on the market.

Products and Price: 

  • Hydro Shot Lemon Lime 12-Ct: $36.00
  • CBD Blue Raspberry 12-Ct Case: $42.00
  • CBD Fruit Punch 12-Ct Case: $42.00
  • CBD Lemon-Lime 12-Ct Case: $42.00
  • Sweet Black TEA 12-Ct Case: $28.00
  • Unsweetened Black TEA 12-Ct: $26.00
  • Unsweetened Green TEA 12-Ct: $26.00


Go to the H2Bev website to buy your H2 beverages today!

Go to the H2Bev website to buy your H2 beverages today!

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