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If you have been reading through our website you might be wondering, “Where can I buy hydrogen water?” or “What are the best hydrogen water products?” If you have ever purchased anything before you know the answers to those questions are not that simple. The therapeutic hydrogen water market is relatively new and growing rapidly, which is great. Unfortunately, this means the hydrogen water market is saturated with marketing hype and marketers overlooking important topics which would otherwise help people make a informed decision. Now that IHSA (International Hydrogen Standard Association has released its standards for hydrogen water products, the hydrogen industry has some established guidelines for minimum hydrogen water performance. But, at H2Hubb, we will go beyond minimum performance standards and recommend only those products that meet H2Hubb’s more demanding standards. Now and in the future, you can count on H2Hubb to help you make an informed decision about what hydrogen products (hydrogen water, hydrogen inhalation, etc.) are worth investing in, based on the current scientific data surrounding the biomedical research of molecular hydrogen. We only recommend H2 products we have tested and/or analyzed personally on an in-depth level to see if these products coincide with preliminary standards set forth by IHSA and MHI (Molecular Hydrogen Institute) plus our internal standards from years in the industry. These recommended products will hopefully help you better answer these questions.


Molecular Hydrogen Products

These products have passed our performance testing and are approved for H2HUBB recommendation as a therapeutic H2 product.

H-Cure Z3

Distributed by: Zontos


Zontos Z3 hydrogen water

Nanobubble NB-T71A

Distributed by: Nanobubble


Nanobubble hydrogen water machine

Life H2 Pro

Distributed by: EcoAeon


Hydrogen-rich water machine

Nanobubble NB-X71A

Distributed by: Nanobubble


PEM hydrogen inhalation device


Distributed by: HydrogenMed


HM-500 H2 inhalation device

HX600 Falcon

Distributed by: Hydrogen for Health


Hydrogen for health Hx600

AquaCure AC50

Distributed by: Eagle Research




Distributed by: Hydrogen Research



H2 + Air Unit (SE-002)

Distributed by: HydrogenMed


H2 inhalation device

H2 Nano

Distributed by: Hydrogen for Health


H2 Nano hydrogen water portable

H2 Well

Distributed by: QLife


Q-life H2 well hydrogen water

Q-Cup Touch

Distributed by: QLife


QLife Q-cup

Aquela 8.0

Distributed by: Aquela Global



Distributed by: DrinkHRW


DrinkHRW H2 tablets


Distributed by: H2Bev



Dr. Perricone H2 Water

Distributed by: Dr. Perricone


Dr. Perricone Hydrogen Water


Distributed by: H2Sciences



H2 Stix

Distributed by: Sisel


Sisel H2 Stix

Disclaimer: H2Hubb LLC is not affiliated with any of the recommended products or companies. Our testing, evaluation, and recommendation does not vouch for either the long-term reliability of the device or the ethics of the company that produced and distributed it. Our focus is on the evaluation and efficacy of the recommended products to meet certain objective standards. We do not do in-depth assessments of the Recommended Product Companies' corporate ethics as that is not our role. While H2Hubb does try to initially vet these companies, it is not responsible for any negative experiences, and/or product related issues. Any customer service and/or product complaints should be directed towards the specific RPC. H2Hubb is not liable for any disputes between the customer and RPC nor the purchased recommended product.

Important Information

Performance Standards

These are the minimum requirements products must perform at to be recommended by us. For quality, consistency, and honesty that consumers can count on.

Product Scores

Each recommended product gets scored for every category and overall. We want you to know what you are getting before you get it.

Performance Rankings

What are the metrics by which we rank hydrogen products? What do these rankings means for the product and for you?


be a recommended product company

Have your product be listed as one of the top performing hydrogen products in the industry, have third party validation and testing, and have another avenue of unique marketing.

Why we Recommended

Molecular Hydrogen Products

H2Hubb recommends only tested hydrogen products (hydrogen water, hydrogen inhalation, etc) that offer a legitimate therapeutic potential to the human body. All hydrogen products (hydrogen water, hydrogen inhalation, etc) recommended by H2Hubb have been through a detailed analysis and tested personally by H2Hubb for an extended period of time, to ensure quality, efficacy, and hydrogen production. H2Hubb attempts to recommend the best hydrogen water products the worldwide market has to offer. We have done and will continue to do our due diligence to research multiple companies and hydrogen products. We try to recommend a wide range of therapeutic hydrogen products in all price ranges in order to guarantee that virtually everyone can be able to try H2 therapy via our H2 recommendations.  

H2Hubb is passionate about providing the customer the facts and science behind hydrogen water/hydrogen gas and giving customers all the assurance they need to make the conscious decision of purchasing the recommended products. We want people who are interested in hydrogen water or hydrogen therapy and H2Hubb to feel confident they are buying and receiving the top end hydrogen products on the market.

The recommended H2 companies support H2Hubb and especially H2Hubb’s vision of making the science of hydrogen easy. Financial support, if any, from recommended products/companies, goes to fund H2Hubb, H2Ministries and/or H2Minutes. H2Ministries Inc. is a not for profit faith-based charitable organization that is centered on providing hydrogen therapy for free to its community and eventually the US. H2Minutes is a free educational video series discussing all things hydrogen, from its benefits to the misconceptions surrounding it.

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