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Hydrogen Bath Tablets

Magnesium-based H2 Tablets
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Level 2 H2 water

H2HUBB Tested mg/L Concentration
0.80 mg/L For more info view H2HUBB report
Drinkhrw H2 relief tablets

Now you can take a hydrogen bath conveniently at your home! Drop a handful of H2 tablets in a foot bath or full bath – any time, any place! DrinkHRW made an affordable way to enjoy this administration method in the comfort of your home!

Ingested H2 milligram rating:



This is a perfect product for those who want to try a different administration method of molecular hydrogen! We love that the product is quick and easy to use! Hydrogen bath products are not very accessible nor affordable on the market, however, this product is bridging this gap. You won’t have to wait long before your hydrogen bath is ready, with this product, which is also great! Lastly, the product produces a therapeutic concentration of molecular hydrogen.

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DrinkHRW was founded as a passion project and it remains very much so to this day. Originally Drink HRW’s Rejuvenation was created solely for use personally and to share with close friends and family. The project has expanded exponentially since 2015, with the product being distributed to every continent, helping an ever growing and appreciative customer base attain their optimal health. We are confident that hydrogen-rich water is the most comprehensive preventative health and aging strategy currently on the market, and are increasingly excited and fascinated each and every month as new studies emerge showing benefits we hadn’t previously considered.

Our Molecular Hydrogen Supplements

 Drink HRW continues to launch molecular hydrogen tablets and products we believe will optimize the health of our followers, whether it be AGEless Defense, the first comprehensively formulated product to inhibit AGE formations, or adding essentials such as Vitamin D or Omega 3 at no mark up. We are passionate about our products, the research we assist in and mission.

H2 Relief Bath Tablets:

Price (60-C): $44.99
H2 HUBB Discounted Price: $40.99

Go to the DrinkHRW website to buy your H2 Relief Bath Tablets today!

Go to the DrinkHRW website to buy your H2 Relief Bath Tablets today!

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