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Hydrogen Water Machine

Counter-top HIM
$ 4250 Shipping not included
Zontos Z3

Level 2 H2 water

H2HUBB Tested mg/L Concentration
2.65 mg/L For more info view H2HUBB report


Consumers that purchase the Z3 hydrogen water system through H2HUBB’s recommendation will receive a significant discount on the Z3 system. This is due to the fact that Zontos is an avid supporter of education and therefore, seeks to support H2HUBB as we educate the entire industry. Therefore, H2HUBB clients have a unique opportunity to acquire the Z3 system at a lower cost than any other people in the world. 

Zontos Z3

This sleek and compact design will help you reach your daily H2 water goals! Easy to move and hook up anywhere!

Overall H2HUBB Star Rating:



The Zontos Z3 is super easy to use! We love the fact that you can get a high concentration of H2 water instantly, no matter what a person’s preferred drinking water! It does not take up much room on the counter and the turn dial allows you to not have to stand there the whole time it is filling up your glass. We enjoy the fact that the product can attach directly to your source water in your home, or you can fill up the water jug on top with the water of your choosing. This makes the Zontos Z3 very accessible no matter what someone’s preference or situation is!

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Company Mission:

Our mission is to provide a natural and safe way to increase physical performance, fight disease, and improve overall health by providing the best hydrogen water products available.

Z3: H2 water Unit:
Price: $4,250.00

H2HUBB Discount: Contact us directly to receive the lowest price point for the Z3 on the market. 

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High Concentrated H2 Water

The system produces super-saturated hydrogen water up to 3 mg/L (ppm).

On-demand H2 Water

The system produces instant and continual hydrogen water.


The system utilizes a 2.2-liter water jug, has a small footprint, and is lightweight. This makes the system highly portable and easy to move in your home or take to another location if needed.