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Kayla has been behind the scenes for most of this H2 journey. Other than raising her 3 boys, she works closely with Tywon on all H2Hubb matters, including website, video, and social media. She also writes and edits for the H2Minutes videos. Her articles are more of an opinion-based commentary on the hydrogen industry and marketplace based on various experiences over the past 5 years. She tries to address topics and provide perspective to questions that would otherwise be unknown.

Looking for a Hydrogen Water Product?

So I’m assuming if you clicked on this article you have already learned all you need to know to at least be interested in buying a hydrogen water product. Or maybe you already have one and are just reading for fun or because you have vested interest in the therapeutic hydrogen water industry. For whatever reason you are here, one thing I must warn you of…I will not be telling you which hydrogen water product to buy. Sorry to disappoint you! But I would like to shed some light on some critical aspects of the hydrogen water industry that might help you when you make your decision. 

One of the many things we do at H2 Hubb is recommend hydrogen products. Every single product we recommend we have tested thoroughly and meets our standards. (We even have our standards listed here) Yes, we do try to recommend the best products the industry has to offer. But we also try to recommend products that are “good enough”. Why? Because sometimes “good enough” is good enough. The goal is to be able to consume hydrogen gas, to get enough of it, and to do it safely. Let me explain further.

Goal #1: Consume hydrogen gas.

This should be obvious. But when looking for products you have to validate that they actually do produce hydrogen gas. If it is a water product, it must be able to dissolve the gas into the water. Other products might require you to actually know how the product works to know if it is actually hydrogen gas that is being produced. (We got you covered on that right here) You would be surprised at how many products actually claim to be hydrogen water products but actually provide little to no hydrogen? You would think that would be the first step, right? No hydrogen = no benefits of hydrogen. No benefits of hydrogen = a lot of products with disappointed buyers because they did not get what they were buying it for. Bummer for the buyer. Bummer for the hydrogen industry as a whole.

Goal #2: Get enough hydrogen gas.

Ok, now that we know the product is producing and hopefully dissolving hydrogen gas, now we need to know if we have enough of it. Research is showing that we need 1-3 mg of hydrogen gas a day to provide therapeutic benefits. Some even say up to 7 mg per day! Here is where it gets complicated. To know this very critical information about your product you need to know a couple of things. The first is ppm (parts per million). To know this you can buy a specific tool called H2Blue (find it here). It is an easy reagent that allows you to measure the concentration of hydrogen gas in your water. There are other ways to measure this with a special hydrogen probe, but this is very expensive, and the average person does not need to do it this way. Also, don’t mess with using an ORP meter or Trustlex hydrogen meter. I won’t get into the details but we made a video about this that you can watch here.

Now once you know the ppm of your hydrogen water, you need to figure out the milligrams. (Actually, the industry is moving towards only saying mg/L instead of ppm. If you know what I’m talking about, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.) To know this you have to know the volume of water your product produces. 1 ppm of hydrogen gas in a liter of water is equal to 1 mg of hydrogen of gas. But what if you have less than 1 liter? What if you have 1 ppm in half of a liter? If you only drink that half of a liter, then you only ingest 0.5 mg. So with this logic, you can see how difficult it may be if your product is only producing 0.2 ppm. You’re probably confused. Probably because I don’t write the technical stuff, Tywon does. So you can watch this video to understand it better. (This is also a very in-depth article explaining ppm.) And because my husband is awesome and super smart, we also have this cool page on our website where you can input your ppm measurement and the volume of water and it will tell you the milligrams. You can also find out how much of that particular water you need to drink each day to hit your daily milligram mark. I know. Great, right?
So you need to make sure the product you buy will be ideal for you to get what mark you personally want to reach each day. For us, we like to strive for higher, like 2-5 mg in water each day. This is because some of the research is suggesting that higher milligrams are needed to receive various benefits, so we like to cut out the guessing game. Also, because throughout all of the research (over 1200 publications) there has never been a case where less hydrogen was more beneficial than more hydrogen (regarding hydrogen water). So if at all possible, DO MORE. And if not, well we will get to that later.

Goal #3: Get hydrogen gas safely.

You could make a case for just reaching goals 1 & 2. But unfortunately, there are some products that might not be as safe as others. Some portable hydrogen water generators, for example, create other gases, such as chlorine and ozone, that could be potentially harmful. You would need to verify that first. (Portable generators that do not produce these other gases will have something called a PEM to generate the hydrogen). Also some products you have to add your own water, so you would want to make sure you are using filtered or pure water, so keep that in mind as well. Also whenever you use water there is a potential for mold. So keep in mind what it might take to clean the product, if there is a protocol for such cleaning, etc.

Get to the point.

The heart and soul of what I am trying to say here is that being “the best” seems to be what everyone wants to be. But it is not reality. I could say what I would think the “best” hydrogen water product on the market to be, but you may disagree based on what your preferences. There are those that are looking for “the best” every time they buy something. But there are many people who just want “good enough”. People who have “good enough” products sell a lot of them.

To the sellers I would say, you don’t have to be the best. Do what you do and do it well. Stay in your lane. Provide excellent customer service to this new and green group of consumers. Under promise and over deliver. Help people get this incredible gas in a consistent and dependable way. Have their health in mind. If you make claims that aren’t true, it will ultimately hurt us all. Hydrogen water will go down as another snake oil scam because so many people “tried it” and received no benefits. So again, you don’t have to be the best, just be “good enough” to help someone.

To the consumers, focus on the goals. Consume hydrogen! Get enough hydrogen! Get hydrogen safely! And then figure out what you need, what you want, what you can afford, and go from there. If you can afford a big unit that produces 4+ mg/L, then by all means, DO IT! We have one and WE LOVE IT. (And by love I mean I’ve drunk hydrogen water from so many different types of products and this one is my most FAVORITE). But if you can’t, then get something that works FOR YOU. Maybe you travel a lot and tablets, pre-packaged, or a portable generator is best for you. DO THAT. Don’t buy into the “best hydrogen water product in the world” claim because that is not a thing. Take it from someone who has been in the industry since the only way to get hydrogen water (in the U.S.) was from water ionizers. The hydrogen water industry is so fluid. It keeps changing. It keeps growing. Just when you think you found the best, there is something new. And better. And cheaper. There is no perfect product. But there is a perfect product for you out there. Or maybe just “good enough” will be good enough.


  1. Mel Sharpe

    Great post, Kayla!

  2. Mal Dowling

    “ the Hydrogen water industry is so fluid”…..love that quote Kayla!
    Great information. Great links too. Thank you.

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