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Kayla has been behind the scenes for most of this H2 journey. Other than raising her 3 boys, she works closely with Tywon on all H2Hubb matters, including website, video, and social media. She also writes and edits for the H2Minutes videos. Her articles are more of an opinion-based commentary on the hydrogen industry and marketplace based on various experiences over the past 5 years. She tries to address topics and provide perspective to questions that would otherwise be unknown.

The Bridge: Companies/Market

The therapeutic hydrogen industry is small, new, and complicated. I’m trying to simplify it some by breaking down the industry into 5 key groups. We (H2Hubb) are confident that we exist to sit in the middle of those groups and bridge them together. We already looked at how we can help bring the science and research group to the forefront and make it easily understandable for everyone looking into hydrogen therapy. We have also made our case for how we can be an asset to product development and manufacturers. So let’s keep pushing the envelope out to the group that is more visible to the public. Hydrogen companies and the hydrogen market exist to sell the products. This is where it gets tricky. I mean, it’s all tricky, but this is where the most hang ups seem to lie. 

Because the hydrogen industry is so new in the U.S. there are so many people who have no idea what it is or what it means. “Isn’t hydrogen already in water?” is a common question I’m sure anyone in the industry has already answered 100 times. That would be one of the more polite questions/criticisms we have had to answer from the skeptical crowd. And so many times have we seen the hydrogen market not do therapeutic hydrogen therapy any justice. I mean our motto for H2Hubb is literally “Bringing Order to Chaos” because the hydrogen market is CHAOS! I could get into all the many pitfalls and disasters we have seen in this industry, but let’s keep this article positive, shall we? Let’s focus on HOW we want to bring order to this chaos, specifically for hydrogen companies and the hydrogen market.

Therapeutic hydrogen companies, like many companies, have 3 main areas to focus on. Products, Marketing, and Customers, and not necessarily in that order. Sure there are other aspects but these 3 things are major areas of concern for companies who sell things. I would also like to insert here that hydrogen companies in the western world also need to be interested in and show concern for the therapeutic hydrogen market and industry as a whole. 


In my last article, I talked a lot about hydrogen products and how we test many of them and have certain standards each product must pass before we recommend them to the public. This not only can benefit the manufacturer and the products available on the market, but in my opinion it also can greatly benefit the companies as well. How? I’m glad you asked.

Our testing criteria and standards are set and we hold to it the best we can. This makes our approval process as unbiased as it can possibly be, which gives a company third party legitimacy. This leads to confidence in a product because you can verify how it works and how it performs. If you can have more confidence in your product, then customers will have more confidence in you. You will be able to verify the results and have a test report to prove it. That means so much in this industry, I promise. 


With more confidence in the product, now the marketing can follow. Because you have third party validation, and verifiable proof that the product performs the way it is supposed to, you can market the product based on truth (imagine that). Now I know what you’re thinking, but then the companies out there “embellishing” the truth will have the upper hand, because they can embellish and say whatever they want! And that may be so for a while. But as more and more of us hold the truth and the integrity of therapeutic hydrogen at the utmost importance, soon customers and companies will start to catch on. More about that in a sec. 

Another thing that we can offer companies on the topic of marketing is the ability to get your stuff on more platforms than just yours. You can get people seeing your products and brand on YouTube, social media, and our website on top of the marketing you already do. As we grow, the amount of people seeing your stuff grows. Eventually (hopefully) that will truly be something worthwhile. (And I hope it is something that already is).


Side note: did you know that our sister channel, H2Minutes is now taking sponsorships? Anyone who believes in molecular hydrogen education can be a sponsor to H2Minutes, and companies especially can benefit. You can see the levels of sponsorship and all their perks if you visit our Patreon page.



I’m sure there is a convincing case that this topic should have been the first topic of this article. And it is probably a correct one. You cannot run a retail business without customers. No matter what product you put out or the information you are presenting, you need people to BUY BUY BUY. This is so important, and yet the most difficult for me (and my hubby). Most hydrogen products are not cheap. I hate the idea of someone spending their money on something that doesn’t work or something that doesn’t help much. I hate it so much that I would rather not try to “make the sale”. We have built an entire company upon the premise that if you educate someone they will decide to buy all on their own. We don’t need to push. 

Now, that is our philosophy, of course, but it may not be yours. And that’s ok. But it definitely helps to know your customers. And we’ve seen customers. And have answered many, many, MANY questions from people looking to buy a hydrogen product. The questions are all different and so are the preferences, but one thing is for sure, we have a pretty good grasp on what people want and what people don’t like when it comes to hydrogen products. Not just for hydrogen products, but there are many aspects of business that we have had the privilege of seeing from a third party perspective. We know what good customer service should look like, and we most definitely know what terrible customer service looks like. It matters. Like a lot. Did I say it matters? Because customer service matters. A lot. I know this is not news. No one is surprised here, right? Well, you would be surprised at how not a priority good customer service is when you’re in the trenches of running a business. But my friends, this should not be. 

So once you are able to get your third party verification through a trusted source, and present the correct information to the public, now you can be seen as a legitimate source for therapeutic hydrogen products. As I said before, in this current status of the hydrogen market, most people can’t tell a good company from a bad one. But have no fear. I believe that the truth will win in time. There are so many ambassadors for hydrogen out there that are telling the truth. That are sticking with the evidence, and that will not compromise. We have to be patient for the day to come when the general public becomes aware of this truth and starts to discern between what is right and wrong about hydrogen. 

Until then, you need a middle man (or woman). You need someone who is a trusted source that can point people in your direction. I can’t tell you how many emails my husband gets from people who explain how confused they are and they don’t know which way they should go. They have specific questions about specific products or methods of consuming hydrogen, and they can’t easily find the answers. Believe me when I tell you that Tywon does not shy away from giving them ALL the details. He will respond, every time, with a detailed heartfelt response. From there they will know more about their questions than they ever thought they wanted to know. And sometimes they go the direction he points them to. And sometimes they do not. But either way, that is the education that we do and love to do, and because of it, the companies we recommend don’t have to do it! 

When we recommend a product, we put our necks out there for it. This is the reason why we test 100% of every single product we recommend. This is why we have strict standards. We know we will have to answer any and all questions that come to us about this product. We know that the customer deserves to know the truth about every single hydrogen product on the market. And we will give it to them. 

Now you may be asking, what if there are 50 good products out there? How is that good for a company to have 50 products in competition next to it? And I would say, yes, if they all passed our standards, we would recommend them all. But listen, there are a lot of people in the world. And a lot of personal preferences, and not every product is right for everyone. So hear me when I say, in the hydrogen industry, THERE IS ROOM FOR EVERYONE. Check out this quote from a this hydrogen overview article:

“In 2012, HW sales in Japan online alone reached 20 billion yen. In the same year, researchers from 12 developed countries, including the United States and Germany, began developing H2 as a healthcare product, and the global HW market reached $22 billion. H2 industries continue to grow, and now include H2-based hydrogen-rich peripheral products, such as hydrogen health capsules, hydrogen cosmetics, hydrogen-rich bathing agents, and hydrogen ventilator equipment.”Molecular hydrogen: a preventive and therapeutic medical gas for various diseases

The potential for the hydrogen industry in America is there. The only competition is those selling lies and those being unethical. Those of us who care about the integrity of hydrogen and hydrogen industry are all on the SAME TEAM. We help each other. We need each other. There are enough customers out there to buy all the products. But there aren’t enough people out there willing to put in the work to be accurate, thorough, and ethical. We need those companies. We need that kind of market. Be that. Be that for hydrogen, for the products, and for the customers. 

And be that for the next key group in the industry. Many companies in this industry have a network of people attached to them who are on the ground doing the selling. They need a bridge, too. I’ll get to work on building that bridge in the next article about distributors and sellers. 

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