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Hydrogen Inhalation System

Oxyhydrogen (H2/O2)
$ 1699
Shipping: $105.00 USD
HBS10 Brown's gas inhaler

Level 2 H2 Gas Performance

H2HUBB Tested H2 Output
297 mL/min For more info view H2HUBB report
hydrogen and oxygen gas machine

Take advantage of another method of administration for H2. Breathing hydrogen opens the door for new and different therapeutic benefits!

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At H2HUBB, we love having affordable options for everyone looking to incorporate hydrogen into their lives. The HydroGenie is a great, budget-friendly device that will most surely get the job done. It generates therapeutic levels of H2 and is smaller, compact, and lightweight to fit smaller spaces. The HydroGenie may not grant you 3 wishes, but it can definitely satisfy your wish of owning a hydrogen inhalation system!

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Hydrogen Technologies Bulgaria is a project started in the beginning of 2011.

We design and manufacture HHO-generators and peripheral devices assisting their operation.

HBS10 Price: $2124.00 USD (£2010.00)

H2HUBB Discount Price: $1699.00 USD (£1608.00)

Warranty: According to EU law – 24 months or 2 years: Life Time on the generator; parts and labor if the issue is manufacturer related.


HBS10 User Manual

CE Certification

Understanding the HBS10 inhalation device:

This generator creates the all-natural product of water electrolysis (Brown’s Gas). 2 parts Hydrogen, and 1 part Oxygen. This means the generator will produce 66% H2 and 33% O2 by gas volume.

Go to the HydroGenie website to buy your hydrogen inhalation system today!

Go to the Hydrogen Technologies Bulgaria website to buy your HBS10 H2/O2 inhalation system today!

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