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There are so many to questions people have when approaching the topic of hydrogen water, or the medicinal effects of molecular hydrogen. Questions such as, what is hydrogen-rich water? What are hydrogen water health benefits? Where can I buy hydrogen water? The list goes on. We are here to answer all those questions and more but before that, we think its important to cover the basics. The basics will give you a firm foundation of the concept and what we mean by hydrogen water and how the scientific research and therapeutic hydrogen industry got to this point. We have made it simple for you by compiling all the NEED TO KNOW information for you in one spot!

hydrogen water health benefits

Is it an anti-oxidant? An anti-inflammatory? A cell modulator? Well - it is all that and more...

hydrogen information

To know H2, you gotta learn the basics. What exactly is it?

molecular hydrogen medicine history

To know where we are we must first learn where we came from. Afterall, hydrogen wasn't born yesteday.

how to get hydrogen water

You may know what hydrogen-rich water is and what it does, but how do you get it? There are a few popular ways, and this is how they really work.

hydrogen infused water information

It matters. Understanding the surrounding sciences will help you understand the benefits and magnitude of H2.


Watch out! Health and science myths are everywhere! Check out some popular myths related to hydrogen water.

hydrogen infused water questions

Got a burning question related to molecular hydrogen or hydrogen-rich water? We just might have already answered it here.

molecular hydrogen research

There are over 1200 scientific publications on H2 indicating benefits for over 170 human disease models. But don't take our word for it. Check out the research.

Want to take you learning further? Visit MHI: Molecular Hydrogen Institute for more in-depth scientific information regarding the biomedical research of molecular hydrogen. 

wanna to give H2 a try?

take our advice!

The hydrogen industry is confusing. We test and analyze a wide array of hydrogen products and recommend those that meet our standards and offer legit hydrogen. We’ve done the hard work so that you don’t have to. 

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