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At H2HUBB we desire to help the whole therapeutic hydrogen industry, this includes customers, sellers/distributors, and manufacturers. We want to help direct people to therapeutic hydrogen products and to the companies producing and selling these products based on our testing. In order for us to be efficient at helping all parties, we have developed a process that will allow hydrogen companies to become recommended product candidates by enrolling their hydrogen product with H2HUBB for recommendation. This page will discuss how to enroll your hydrogen product and become an H2HUBB RPC (Recommended Product Company).

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How to become a H2HUBB RPC

1. Enroll hydrogen product

To enroll your hydrogen product with H2HUBB you must first fill out of an RPC candidate form.

2. Send in Product for Testing

In order to start the recommendation process, we must first receive the product for testing and analysis. The testing process can take 1~3 months.

3. Recieve H2 HUBB Approval

After we have finished testing the product to see if it passes our standards, we will send the RPC an official test report and our answer for approval via direct email.

4. We Promote the product

If the product passes our performance standards and safety checks, we will begin promoting the product to the public by putting the product on our website and creating videos.

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The H2HUBB recommended product candidate form allows us to gather critical information in regards to the potential recommended product. This information will allow us to understand manufacturer-related specs to further expedite our testing procedures. This form must be filled out to the best of the RPC candidate’s (Recommended Product Company) abilities. The form will have sections for each product or device category. Below will outline the steps involved in filling out the form. Click the apply button once everything is understood.

1. Enter Company info

This will include company name, contact name, and email.

2. Find Corresponding Product(s)

You will need to select the corresponding device/product type. (e.g. H2 inhalation systems)

3. Answer questions

The form will contain multiple questions for each device/product category. Please answer every question and enter all critical product specs.

4. Submit The form

Once you press submit on the form the information will be sent directly to H2 HUBB. We will contact you to begin the correspondence for recommendation.

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