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Hydrogen Inhalation System

Pure H2
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HM-500 Hydrogen inhalation

Level 4 H2 Gas Performance

H2HUBB Tested H2 Output
540 mL/min For more info view H2HUBB report
Buy the HM-500 Inhalation system at the special price of $3450 today!
Buy the HM-500 Inhalation system at the special price of $3450 today!
PEM hydrogen inhalation

Pure H2 Inhalation Device

Take advantage of another method of administration for H2. Breathing molecular hydrogen opens the door for new and different therapeutic benefits!

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This H2 inhalation system might just be our easiest-to-use system yet! It is a highly-engineered hydrogen gas generator and built with simplicity in mind. We love the peace of mind that comes with knowing it will alert you if you need to refill the water, replace the filter, or if there is a blockage. This product is the closest thing to a hospital unit we have ever tested! It is the only pure H2 system we have tested that can run for 24 hours, which is a huge plus if you are wanting to use this system a lot or commercially. The high-quality, high flow rate, gas purity, plus the fact that it is backed up with laboratory reports, makes this system well worth the price.


H2Rich is offering a SPECIAL DEAL for the HM-500 inhalation system through H2HUBB. H2HUBB clients will be able to purchase the HM-500   for $4200.00 with free shipping ($1800 USD off retail). 

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HydrogenMed Biotechnology Corp.

Company Mission: 

HydrogenMed Biotechnology Corp. is a professional manufacture of hydrogen products.  HydrogenMed provides a one stop shop for design, engineering, and production.  HydrogenMed is a professional ODM.  We are good at finding customers needs, and providing the right hydrogen products to our clients. We can quickly offer white-label products to customers for their product launch. We have many kinds of products, like hydrogen inhalation, hydrogen water dispenser, hydrogen nano-bubble dispensers and hydrogen alcohol purifier etc. HydrogenMed will consistently research and develop more innovative products for our customer.


HM-500: H2 Inhalation Unit
Price: $6,000.00
H2 HUBB Discounted Price (-$1800): $4,200.00
Warranty: 1 year repair or replace warranty.


H2 HUBB Preferred Manufacturer: HydrogenMed Biotechnology is a preferred H2 HUBB approved manufacture. If you’re interested in becoming a seller (US, etc) of the HM-500  device, white labeling HydrogenMed products, or designing/developing your own H2 product contact us via the page contact form. We can put you in contact directly with HydrogenMed and help you start the process of them handling all your needs.

Ultra Pure H2

The HM-500 system provides verifiable 5N hydrogen gas purity (99.9995%). The HM-500 is the only inhalation system recommended by H2HUBB that has laboratory gas analysis demonstrating that it provides ultra-pure hydrogen gas.

Simplistic Functionality

The HM-500 system is a single button operation system. This makes the system incredibly easy to use. Perfect for those who do not want to have to deal with a big learning curve, when learning how to operate the system.

Great Build Quality

The HM-500 system is the closest in build-quality, maintenance, engineering design and expertise, safety, and gas purity, to a hospital H2 inhalation unit we have evaluated.

24 hour operation

The HM-500 system is designed for medical clinics or in-house use and has the ability to produce H2 gas continuously for 24 hours before shutting down automatically. This means the system great for longer inhalation sessions or medical clinics.


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