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QLife Today: H2 Well

Hydrogen Water System

Pitcher H2 Water Generator (PEM/SPE)
$ 413
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Qlife Today H2 Well

Level 1 H2 water

H2HUBB Tested mg/L Concentration
1.26 mg/L For more info view H2HUBB report

Q-Life: H2 Well

Q-life H2 well hydrogen water

The H2 Well is a hydrogen water pitcher system that can provide a therapeutic dose of hydrogen! Sleek and compact design for hydrogen-rich water at home! Get your H2 Well pitcher device today!

Overall H2HUBB Star Rating:



What a fun product! We love how easy this product is to use along with its unique design! We are excited to be able to finally recommend a quality H2 water pitcher for a great price. If you are looking for a great entry-level H2 product to “dip your toes” into trying hydrogen therapy for the first time, this is an excellent choice!

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Micro Research Institution Inc: Q-Life

Company Mission:

We want to change the world by helping people enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. In 2017, Qlife brought to the world’s smallest and lightest hydrogen rich water ionizer to encourage healthier living and to encourage everyone to be a part of the Qlife lifestyle concept. We believe that everyone should enjoy products that improve the quality of life.


H2 Well: Hydrogen Water Pitcher (PEM/SPE)

Price: $459.00

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

Go to the Q-Life website to purchase your H2 Well pitcher today!

Go to the QLifeToday website to purchase your H2 Well pitcher today!

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