PEM hydrogen inhalation device

Pure H2 Inhalation Device

Take advantage of another method of administration for H2. Breathing molecular hydrogen opens the door for new and different therapeutic benefits!

H2 ml/min rating:



The Nanobubble hydrogen gas generator is what you call high-end and easy to use. It is a smaller and lightweight inhalation machine, making it easy to move, but provides well over the therapeutic level! We love the digital touch display where you can set your session time up to 6 hours! The device has high-quality engineering, is therapeutic and ease of use in one package.



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Company Mission:

Shanghai Nanobubble Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that independently develops nano bubble generation equipment. The technical feature is that super-saturated hydrogen water can be prepared instantaneously. The company’s hydrogen solution preparation equipment is integrated with today’s advanced industrial computer technology, and it has been working hard in the hydrogen-rich water health industry to gradually become a company with a strong influence in this field. 

Shanghai Nanobubble Technology Co., Ltd. has technical department, engineering department and business department. It has strong design, R & D and production capabilities. It can customize and develop gas solution preparation equipment based on micro-nano bubble technology according to customer needs. The company currently has four series of independent intellectual property rights (super-saturated hydrogen solution water dispensers, professional-grade hydrogen inhalers, third-generation hydrogen-rich water cups, hydrogen-rich water baths, etc.), some of which have been put into production. 

Our aim: professionalism is the foundation, service is the guarantee, and quality is the credibility. It is believed that with reliable product quality and good after-sales service, enterprises can win more imagination.


NB-X71A: H2 Inhalation Unit

Price: $3,500.00

H2 HUBB Discounted Price: $2,800.00

Warranty: 12 month warranty

CE Certified

NB-X71A Manual: Click Here

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