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H2 Inhalation + H2 Water Device

2 in 1 System

H2 Inhalation + H2 Water
$ 4995
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VH-Life Vh600 hydrogen inhalation system

Level 4 H2 Gas Performance

H2HUBB Tested H2 Output
621 mL/min For more info view H2HUBB report

Level 1 H2 water

H2HUBB Tested mg/L Concentration
1.30 mg/L For more info view H2HUBB report
H2 inhalation device

Portable H2 Inhalation Device

Take advantage of another method of administration for H2. Breathing molecular hydrogen opens the door for new and different therapeutic benefits!

Overall H2HUBB Star Rating:



This portable H2 inhalation system might just be our easiest-to-use system yet! It is a highly-engineered hydrogen gas generator and built with simplicity in mind. We love the peace of mind that comes with knowing it will alert you if you need to refill the water, replace the filter, or if there is a blockage. It is the first portable H2 inhalation system that has passed our standards. The high-quality, therapeutic flow rate (1.3~4%), gas purity, plus the fact that it is backed up with laboratory reports, makes this system well worth the price.

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VHLife: Vigorous Health Company Limited.

Company Mission: 

Vigorous Health Company Limited (VHLife) was founded on December 12th, 2018. With the increasing aging population and the need for aging in good health, our company’s vision is to promote healthier life by offering top-quality hydrogen healthcare products to service customers worldwide.

VHLife specializes in manufacturing and distributing highly innovative hydrogen gas generators for hydrogen therapy use i.e. pure H2 gas inhalation and processing of hydrogen-infused water that has nonmetal residues. We also offer OEM/ODM solutions upon the client’s request.

VHLife has 3 experience centers located in Taipei city providing the best and professional Hydrogen therapeutic services. Exclusive distributorship is open for discussion for your respective city or country.


VH600: H2 Inhalation + H2 Water Unit
Price: $6390.00
H2 HUBB Discounted Price (-$1395.00 USD): $4995.00
Warranty: 1-year repair or replace warranty.
CE Certified


H2 HUBB Preferred Manufacturer: VHLife is a preferred H2 HUBB approved manufacture. If you’re interested in becoming a seller or distributor (the US, etc) of VHLife devices contact us via the page contact form. We can put you in contact directly with VHLife and help you start the process of them handling all your needs.

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Click the button to buy your portable H2 Inhalation system today!

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