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From the simple to the complicated; it's all here. Learn about basic hydrogen science, history, benefits, myths, technology, etc.


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We test hydrogen products from different companies and then recommend those that pass our standards. You'll find all the specs, ratings, and even discount codes.


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Watch Our Video Series

Our YouTube channel, H2Minutes has over 50 videos all about hydrogen. So many topics to help you understand why hydrogen is so awesome for our health!


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Whether you are a consumer or a company, we have a list of services that are designed to help you with all your hydrogen needs.


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6 Years of Hydrogen Industry Experience

In the hydrogen world, there is a lot to know.

We have learned a lot in our time in the hydrogen industry. We have many good…and many bad experiences. There are so many misconceptions and weeds to wade through. Let us use our experience to help you navigate the hydrogen industry and meet your unique hydrogen needs. 

The good stuff

Evidence-Based Benefits

With so many health and wellness remedies out there, it’s hard to know which ones are legit. Most claim to be backed by science, but how many show you the evidence? We are grateful to have so much research to look to when determining what the potential health benefits one might receive when using hydrogen therapy. 

Hydrogen Benefits

The list of the possible benefits of molecular hydrogen is extensive. Allow us to break it down for you.

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Hydrogen Research

The foundation of the therapeutic hydrogen industry in its research. View our extensive categorized list.

Molecular Hydrogen Research


What Is Hydrogen Doing Around The World?

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product reviews

The Work We Do, So You Don't Have To

Minimum Standards

Every single product we recommend must meet these minimum standards before they will be listed with our recommended products.

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Product Scores

We rate every product in key areas, such as hydrogen concentration, maintenance, value, convenience, safety, etc. Helpful for comparisons.

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Performance Rankings

This ranking system is strictly for performance, i.e. the level of hydrogen gas the product is able to produce. This page explains what each rank means.

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Hydrogen Calculator

Interactive H2 calculators to help determine how much hydrogen you are ingesting and how well your product is performing.

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